Wael Omar is a native Cairene with an inherent passion for all things artistic, chaotic and eccentric. He took a liking to the stage at an early age, acting his way through school and university, eventually graduating from Emerson College, one of the top performing arts and media schools in the US, before settling for a career behind the camera. Since 2001 he has worked up and down the production line doing every possible thing on a movie set that can be done, from credits on Hollywood features to shooting conflict zone documentaries in Central Africa. In 2005 he produced and directed Democracy 76 -a treatise on Egypt's last presidential election, and the events that precipitated it. Upon returning to the Middle East in 2007, with a focus on culturally-minded stories, and a partner as crazy as himself, Wael launched Middle West Films, whole-heartedly dedicated to the indie film scene in the Euro-Med region.